Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy - The Vampire Facial

PRP is a treatment that aims to use a patient's own blood platelets to trick the body into regenerative processes associated with healing & repair. In short, your blood is extracted, then undergoes a spinning process to separate the plasma, which is then applied topically or can be injected back into the skin. This helps rejuvenate your skin, giving you a younger & healthier glow. It also reduces the prominence of scars, sun damage, dark circles, and more!

You can also use PRP Therapy to reduce hair loss! PRP can be injected near hair follicles to gradually improve follicle health & encourage hair growth & thickness by delivering much needed proteins, nutrients and growth factors to the roots of your hair! You can rest assured that PRP is proven to be a reliable & highly beneficial way to address your skin and hair concerns without invasive procedures or extensive downtime!

Your comfort is most important. A numbing cream is applied prior to microneedling (or injection) to help decrease skin sensitivity & keep your experience pain free. Many describe the feel of this treatment to be comparable to the taps of a pencil tip. Microneedling & PRP work together to encourage increased collagen production & nurture the skin to bring back smooth, tightened skin & to improve both the appearance & texture of skin!

As with any treatment, be sure to discuss any concerns or questions during your consultation prior to treatment, and carefully follow the aftercare instructions after treatment.

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