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Eyelash Extentions 

Elevate your natural beauty with lash extensions! We specialize in creating gorgeous, fuller lashes that will make your eyes pop. No more fuss with mascara – just effortlessly stunning lashes. Ready to enhance your look? Give our signature lash extentions a try. 

If you're after a subtly enhanced, natural look that says "your lashes but better," our Classic style is perfect for you. For those who crave a bit more pop in their everyday glam, the Hybrid set strikes the ideal balance – adding drama without overpowering your natural beauty. Now, if you live for the drama and glam, our Light Volume look is your go-to choice! Get ready to bring on the glamour with lashes that make a statement.

Lash Full Set Style and Price

Classic Lash Set

Meticulously applied individual lashes seamlessly blend with your natural ones, crafting a timeless look that not only lengthens and enhances your eye shape but also effortlessly radiates beauty.


Hybrid Lash Set

A captivating blend of Russian-style fans and meticulously placed individual lashes transforms your natural ones, adding an irresistible combination of volume and length.


Volume Lash Set

Dominated by luxurious Russian-style fans and sprinkled with strategically placed individual lashes, this style brings a perfect blend of diversity and dimension. 


Mega Volume Lash Set

Elevate your look with our mega volume lashes, crafted from Russian-style fans for unparalleled drama. Make your eyes the focal point at any event.


Lash Fill Style and Price

Classic Lash Fill 

Revitalize your lashes with our expert lash fills. Whether it's maintaining your classic lashes. Keep your lashes looking flawless and vibrant.


Hybrid Lash Fill 

Maintain the beauty of your hybrid lash set and ensure your lashes stay fresher for longer.


Volume Lash Fill 

Prevent your volume from falling flat; keep those lashes full with our light volume lash fill.


Mega Volume Lash Fill 

Maintain the dramatic allure of your eyes with our mega volume lash fill for lasting glamour and captivation. 


Express Lash Set and Fill

Express Lash Set 

Indulge in our express lash set, perfect for those seeking barely-there extensions for a naturally enhanced look. Flaunt effortless fullness and length.


Express Lash Fill 

Our Express lash fill maintains your "lashes but better" look for an extended period, ensuring lasting natural beauty.



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