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Hair Salon Services

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Hair Care Menu

We have many types of services for everyone at Dante Salon & Wellness Spa. With a team of Master Stylists, we have many stylists that can help you to attain great hair! If you would like to send us pictures ahead of time of your hair & the look you would like to achieve, this will help us to match you with the best stylist for your specific hair type & style.


We do not have prices listed for hair services online. For an estimate, please call 703-352-2800. E-mail inquiries are recommended for this type of request & may be sent to

Hair Cutting Services

Women's Haircut

Whether you want a short haircut or a long haircut, we have a stylist to suit your style!

Includes: shampoo wash, hair cut, and blow dry

Men's Haircut

Our master stylists have experience cutting both men's and women's hair. Blow dry included


Children's Haircut

Our clients love that they can bring their children for a cut also! *additional charges may apply for a blow dry

*blow dry services are only included with Men's & Women's Haircuts; blowouts are an additional charge with all other services. If you would like to opt not to get a blowout, please let the front desk & your stylist know beforehand




Hair Treatments & Add-on Services

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Restore hydration in dry hair with our Intense Hydrating Mask

Goldwell Shine Treatment

Lock in luster and shine with a Goldwell Shine ampoule

Olaplex Treatment

Olaplex is a healing treatment for damaged hair that rebuilds broken bonds from within the hair

*An additional charge may apply for longer, thicker, or extra dry hair needing extra product for treatment



Hair Styling Services


Shampoo & Blow Dry

Includes shampoo, scalp massage, wash, and blow dry


Shampoo, Blow Dry & Curl

Includes shampoo wash, blow dry, and use of curling hot tool to create a curled hairstyle


Shampoo, Blow Dry & Flat Iron

Includes shampoo wash, blow dry, and use of flat iron hot tool to create sleek, hairstyle

Hair Coloring Services

Toner (Color Shine/Gloss/Glaze)

Our patented toners have a tri-lipid layer that helps by coating the hair follicle creating shiny, smooth, and strong hair strands. This is recommended for all hair types- on both color treated & non-colored hair every 4-6 weeks


Retouch Color (Single Process)

Color application primarily on the roots of the hair to touch-up any regrowth

*additional color charges may apply if more color is needed for coverage


All Over Color (on Virgin Hair)

Color on hair that has never been colored before

*additional charges may apply if hair needs to be lightened to attain desired results


Color Correction

Color corrections are needed when hair has been previously colored & various processes are required in order to attain desired results. Priced Upon Consultation

Highlighting Services


Partial Foil Highlights

Partial highlighting includes 10-foils to frame the face and create a stubble dimension around the crown, any additional foils above 10 is considered a full-foil highlight.

Full Foil Highlights

Full-foil highlights are placed throughout the full head to create lighter shades to the hair, the results can be stubble or bold depending on what style you choose!

Painting Highlights

Painting highlights are similar to balayage in that is an open hair technique used to hand paint highlights into the hair for anywhere from a subtle sun-kissed look to a bold blonde look. This technique is highly customizable & great for achieving a blended result


Babylights are micro-fine highlights used to make subtle dimension throughout the hair to create a naturally sunkissed look

Balayage & Fashion Color Services

Classic Balayage

Balayage (the word for sweeping in French) is a highlighting technique that is highly customized and painted throughout the hair. *Price varies based hair texture, thickness, length, the current state of your hair, and how complex the look that you are going for is to achieve

High Lift Blonde, Hyper "3D" Balayage, or Foilage (Balayage with Foils)

  • High Lift Blonde is a technique that is used to take a very dark shade to a lighter shade using maximum lift

  • Hyper "3D" Balayage is a special type of balayage using multiple colors for a highly dimensional look

  • Foilage is similar to balayage, but combines traditional foils with the balayage technique for more dramatic lift

Fashion Color Services

Fantasy Color Hair Transformation

This specialty services typically requires multiple steps within the same appointment. To achieve a highly pigmented "Fantasy" or "Fashion" color such as purple, blue, pink, green or any other color that is not a naturally occurring color- the hair must be lifted to a lighter shade first. Once hair is lifted, then your color of choice will be deposited onto your hair- sometimes reapplication is necessary within the same appointment. Fashion Color appointments are a longer than typical appointment, so plan to be at the salon longer than usual

*Please be advised that this is a starting price and the price varies based on multiple factors that will be addressed during your consultation with your stylist to determine the final pricing for your balayage


**Since this look is highly individualized and there are various types of balayage, and techniques to achieving your desired balayage, it is best to bring pictures of what you have in mind to show your stylist during your consultation.




Hair Extension Services


Hair Extensions... (priced upon consultation)

We offer keratin infusion, tape in, hair dreams nano-beamer, & and microbead hair extensions




Keratin Treatment Services


Express Keratin Blowout Treatment

For all hair types & can wash hair after 8 hours (we recommend at least 24-48 hours to be safe). Note: keratin is a smoothing treatment meant to help fight frizz, not a straightening treatment. For straightening services, please consult with your stylist. Lasts 6-8 weeks with proper care

Natural Keratin Intensive Smoothing Treatment

For frizzy, curly, unruly hair & can wash hair after 72 hours. Note: keratin is a smoothing treatment meant to help fight frizz, not a straightening treatment. For straightening services, please consult with your stylist. Lasts 4-6 months with proper care




Retexturizing Services


We offer all types of perms for all types of hair!

Special Event Hair & Makeup Application Services


Up-do style of choice (blow out not included) *we recommend providing pictures of desired look for reference

Makeup Application

Get a flawless look for your special event! *we recommend providing pictures of desired look for reference

*please note: all of our prices are starting prices, additional charges may apply.

Client Satisfaction Guarantee

We do not offer refunds on services that have already been rendered; however, if you are not 100% satisfied with your service, please let a manager know within 7 days & we will be happy to discuss options with you to make it right.

You may reach a manager by e-mailing

&/or you may call 703-352-2800 to ask to speak with a manager. 

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