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Pediatric Massage, Massage is Great for Kids too!

Most people only think of massage as a spa day where Mommy gets away from the screaming kids and takes a nap with cucumbers on her eyes... And while that may also be true, the unrecognized medicinal benefits of receiving a massage far exceeds what most people realize!

There are all types of massages, Swedish is your typical relaxing massage- but even Swedish massage has medicinal benefits. Some other types of massage are deep tissue, therapeutic, myofacial release, spinal reflex therapy, active release therapy, assisted stretching or Thai massage, medical massage, prenatal massage, pediatric massage (and even infant massage)- to name a few!

Massages are not just for adults, they can be beneficial for kids too. Massages have a long list of benefits that everyone can benefit from. There are general benefits such as relaxation, better circulation, reduced stress/cortisol levels, etc. But there are also more individualized benefits based on the type of massage and what you are seeking treatment for. Massage therapy, when done properly can be not only relaxing and enriching, but highly therapeutic, healing, and even life changing. Massages are customized by each individual, goals, pre-existing conditions, limitations, or contraindications. This is where a comprehensive knowledgeable & professional experience matter most in massage therapy. A professional massage therapist is essentially a health care provider- that is why we only hire the BEST.

Pediatric massage can be applied in numerous ways when the need arises. Some may wonder how a child could benefit from a professional massage... there are many ways! Pediatric massage not only aides in reducing anxiety & improving health/wellbeing but if a child is suffering from any medical issues- massage can be a very helpful alternative therapy. For instance, if a child has been in an accident, injured, has a physical limitation or disability- medical massages can aide in reduced muscle tension & pain- while toning muscles & promoting mobility.

Most people understand how important soothing human touch is in regard to child development, and can be beneficial for children who struggle with fear, trust, or feelings of loneliness as massage promotes a healthy bond, comfort, and trust. This is why pediatric massage is so beneficial to children with emotional or mental disabilities. Pediatric massage has even been recognized as helpful therapy for children on the Autism spectrum as it helps with concentration by promoting calming the mind and body. Pediatric massage can even help children who have difficulty sitting still as it promotes the practice of being still while experiencing interaction with others. Pediatric massage can encourage a child to learn how to take better care of their body, and promotes taking care of their of health leading to improved health in the long run.

Pediatric massage is considered a medical type of massage and it is very important to select a provider with the right credentials and knowledgeable. Since massage for children is so different from adults, your massage therapist should be a licensed MEDICAL MASSAGE therapist who is certified to perform pediatric massage.

Many things vary such as the duration of the massage (pediatric massage typically is only 20 minutes in length, but can be longer if the child allows). Pediatric massage is only to be done with both the parent AND child's permission- each session the child is asked for permission before starting the massage to establish trust- there is a chance that the child will say no but this is better than forcing a child into a position they are not open to. The type of pressure applied varies significantly from regular massage therapy because their tissue is very different than that of an adult. Different areas of the body react differently to varying pressure and if not done correctly it can irritate or even hurt the child. Parents are always required to chaperone their child while receiving pediatric massage- we offer the option to sit in the room with the child and massage therapist, or outside the room in the spa waiting area with the treatment room door open to private the spa area.

If you or someone you know would like more information or to schedule a free consultation for pediatric massage for your child with our licensed Medical massage therapist, feel free to call 703-352-2800 or send an e-mail to

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