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Hello, Sunshine! A Guide to Our Featured Summer Services

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Lavender Spa Pedicure

Perfect for flip-flop season! This service includes classic nail polish removal, nail trimming, shaping, buffing, detoxifying foot soak, cuticle care- pushing of cuticles & trim, enhanced callus removal followed by a deluxe lavender infused foot scrub, lavender mud hydrating foot & leg masque wrapped with hot towels, cleanse with warm towels & rinse, enhanced massage with lavender cream infused with essential oils, lavender hydrating paraffin masque treatment with electric booties for added moisture & relaxation leaving dry feet baby soft!



Looking to go lighter with the warmer weather? Need a new look for vacation! Highlights are a great option to embrace the summer look! Full-foil highlights are placed throughout the full head to create lighter shades to the hair, with the results as subtle or bold as you desire!


Vitamin C Facial

Beat the heat with this refreshing, moisturizing facial! This blend of botanicals high in Vitamin C is packed with nutrients to help nourish and re-hydrate your skin. Help brighten and even out your skin tone while fading hyperpigmentation and reducing redness.


Olaplex Treatment

Strengthen and protect your hair from damage from the sun and swim this summer! Olaplex is a healing treatment for damaged hair that rebuilds broken bonds from within the hair. Our hair gets its structure and durability from millions of tiny disulfide bonds, which when broken results in damage. Olaplex uses Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate to repair bonds and restore hair to its former strength and shine!


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