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Get Bedazzled with Cherry Blossoms?

Wahoo! Today is the official KICK OFF to the National Cherry Blossom Festival 😍🌸🎉 and talk about perfect timing as the cherry blossoms in DC are at PEAK bloom... that's right TODAY!🌸💕

✨So GET festive✨ & hit the festival downtown in perfect style with a Cherry Blossom Manicure💅🏻& Cherry🍒Blossom Updo!

🙆🏼 🌸Looking for more fun places to sport your cherry blossom spirit? Check out the Cherry Blossom Pub, pop-up bar in DC while it's still there (through 4/15/17). This pub is #1 when it comes to atmosphere and cherry blossom spirit... it is truly a sight to see.

The pub features a stunning indoor re-creation of the cherry blossom trees surrounding the bar area. Thousands of origami cranes resembling the blossoms, are attached to handmade cherry blossom tree "branches" and are mounted to the walls and ceiling. It's truly spectacular and it's the perfect re-creation... they are literally always at peak bloom! ;) So stop by Dante's and get your cherry blossom spirit on before heading downtown to the cherry blossoms! Don't forget to tag us! @dantesalonandspa

To book your appointment to get bedazzled with cherry blossoms call 703-352-2800 or visit our 24/7 online booking page by clicking here 👯📲

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