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Gel-X Nail Extensions

Gel-X extensions are the newest trend in the nail industry & we are thrilled to offer it to our clients! Gel-X is a convienient way to get your dream nails instantly! Any length, shape & design can be created with the Gel-X method.

Gel-X uses a special gel applied to your natural nails & an artificial nail of your desired length & shape is placed overtop of your nail as an overlay, then cured under a LED lamp. This method extends your nails instantly & adds strength. Unlike traditional extensions like acrylic nails that use tips and glue, Gel-X nail extensions bond seamlessly with your natural nails, giving them a more natural look & perfect finish. Gel-X is much quicker than other methods & completely odorless during application!

Book your appointment today to experience the amazing transformation Gel-X can do for your nails!


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