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Gel Builder Manicure

A gel builder manicure is a specialized nail enhancement technique designed to fortify and elongate natural nails. Diverging from the conventional gel manicure, which predominantly focuses on coating nails with gel polish for color and durability, gel builder manicures revolve around sculpting and restructuring the nails themselves using a thicker, more resilient gel product. The preparation process is meticulous in cleaning the nails free of excess oils and buffing to the desired texture to make sure the gel adheres correctly. Then layers of the gel builder are then meticulously applied and shaped to achieve the desired nail length and shape. Each layer is cured or hardened under a UV or LED lamp. Following curing, the nails are refined through filing, shaping, and buffing to smooth out imperfections and refine the overall appearance. A final touch of gel top coat adds shine and longevity to the manicure. Gel builder manicures are esteemed for their capacity to deliver natural-looking, enduring results while bolstering and safeguarding the natural nails. This service choice is best for those who have thin or brittle nails, the gel builder will protect your nails and get them amor against everyday challenges.


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