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Happy Father's Day!

Father’s Day is coming up, and you know what that means: being completely stuck on

getting a gift for your Dad. With Mom, the ideas for gifts were everywhere! But for Dad?

What could I get that he would actually enjoy?

Don’t fret. At Dante Salon and Wellness Spa, we got you covered. After all, we’re all

about looking and feeling good, and that isn’t just for women. What guy doesn’t like

leaving the hair salon with a perfect new haircut, ready to take on the world? Or what

about getting a sports massage, to finally remedy that ache he got playing football a

month ago? There are so many options to how to make your Dad feel and look his best.

If you’re still stuck on what he might enjoy, let him try it all! We have two packages for

Father’s day here, and each of them include a massage, facial, and nail service. We will

definitely love at least one of those services, even if it’s just the deep sleep nap on the

end of the massage. And voila! You have a spa buddy for life, and an excuse to get

pampered that your Dad will love.

This year, get your Dad a gift he will actually love, not just another tie. Dads need a little

relaxation too, and Dante Salon will be happy to help with that.

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