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3 Life Changing Medical Health Boosting Benefits of Receiving Regular Massages

Contraty to what many may think, massages are not meant to be just an indulgence or occasional relaxing treat!💆‍♀️💕 When recieved regularly, they are a powerful modality to help enhance your overall wellness & optimum health. As with most lifestyle changes, massages aren’t necessarily a “quick fix.” While enjoying an occasional massage is certainly a delightful treat and certainly do have immediate stress reducing benefits, the truly life-changing power of massage begins when we STOP treating massage as a luxury item and start incorporating it as a vital part of our regular self-care regimen!

After all, as the saying goes "your health is your wealth," meaning nothing is more important than your health! Put your health first by taking care of your body... it's the only one you get. You will find that the better you care for yourself, your quality of life enhances which can shift your perspective on life in a way that you may not have realized possible. There is something highly medicinal, yet seemlying magical about the healing properties of massage.

Founded to provide the profound healing power of therapeutic massage, Dante Salon & Wellness Spa takes highly effective healing modalities and incorporates them within our relaxing spa environment. With countless years of experience, our highly trained, skilled massage therapists draw on multiple massage practices to create a customized treatment designed for your specific needs. We offer all types of massage from Swedish massage to medical massage performed by licensed & certified Medical Massage Therapists. See below or visit our menu page for a full list of modalities we offer.

Some of the many clinically proven benefits of regular massage are:

1) Lower Cortisol & Stress Levels...

Stress wreaks havoc on our health, compromising the immune system and making us more susceptible to illness and injury. High-stress levels can also lower energy levels, cause sleep problems and fatigue, induce headaches, and affect everything from your appetite to your focus. Left unchecked, rampant stress can raise your risk for a range of serious health issues, including heart disease, hypertension, obesity, and diabetes. Regular visits to a massage therapist help moderate stress levels, maintaining your overall health.

2) Boosted Immunity... Regular massages support your immune system, fending off illness to keep you going strong. Recent research has shown that receiving a massage increases the presence of lymphocytes, disease-fighting white blood cells that play an instrumental role in your body’s defense system. It also reduces the immune-depleting stress hormone, cortisol, as well as inflammation-causing cytokines.

3) Helps the Body's Natural Healing Processes...

From athletic injuries to daily wear and tear, your body carries all kinds of tension. When you injure a muscle or create a pattern (sitting for hours at a computer can substantially wear down your body), your muscles form unhealthy tension patterns, which inhibit your fullest function. Massages support the body’s amazing ability to heal itself, reducing inflammation and working to untangle detrimental tension patterns.

*For a more comprehensive list or to view research studies on the medicinally healing benefits of massage visit

In addition to traditional Swedish massage and Medical Massage, we offer modalities including Deep Tissue, Hot Stone Massage, Thai Massage, Medical Massage, Assisted Stretching, Pediatric Massage Therapy, Chinese Cupping Massage Therapy, Trigger Point Massage Therapy, Muscle Activation Therapy, Spinal Release Therapy, Myofascial Release Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, and more! For more info, feel free to comment on this post, call us at 703-352-2800, or you may send e-mail inquiries to 

Our therapies don't stop with massage- any massage services can be enhanced with an add-on spa treatment. These services include services such as a body scrub, body wrap, or even a spa facial. Not only are these treatments beneficial to you aesthetically, but all of our spa services provide a detoxifying effect on any impurities or trapped toxins in the body- enhancing your optimum wellness. Whether you’re looking for a spa day to destress with a stress relieving massage, relief from chronic pain, or both- you’ll find a safe, comfortable environment to foster your wellness in our relaxing therapeutic wellness spa. 


For a limited time purchase 3 - 60 minute Therapeutic Massages and receive the 4 th one Free when you mention this blog post at check-out! Call 703-352-2800 for more info or visit our 24/7 online booking page to schedule your next massage! 

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