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Coppola KeratinComplex Treatment

To my fellow frizzy-haired friends, I know the struggle. When I was little my frizz used to get me an extra inch on the door we measured out heights on. No matter how much my Mom brushed it in the morning, it would be huge by the afternoon. If you’re like me you tried to stop the madness with gel, crème, water, anything. But then your hair was somehow greasy-looking and still frizzy. Look. I know. Frizz is a big part of why I chopped off my chest-length hair into a short pixie. But fret not: there is hope!

When I started working in the salon business I learned about a treatment called the Keratin Express Blowout. When a co-worker first explained the Peter Coppola Keratin Complex Treatment was the holy grail of hair care, I stared at her open-mouthed as my jaw hit the floor. Get out the front door- the CURE for frizz was right here?! Some common misconceptions are that Keratin treatments are unhealthy for hair and that it is a straightening treatment: it is not. Straighteners or relaxers break the bonds inside the hair and re-form them into a straight shape, which is why relaxing (when overdone) can sometimes be damaging for the hair- especially if you are going to a hair professional lacking the experience or understanding of hair chemistry. Keratin treatments actually repair these bonds and strengthen the cuticle in your hair, meaning that not only is frizz banished, but your hair is healthier and smoother than ever.

While some Keratin treatments contain toxic chemicals, with Peter Coppola Keratin Complex Treatments you don't have to worry as his formula is all natural, derived from organic sources, and does not contain toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde or aldehyde, it is 100% aldehyde-free and formaldehyde-free!I'm telling you- try it! I’ve been getting Keratin treatments ever since, and it has transformed my unruly hair into a beautiful manageable mane! If there was a treatment I could recommend to my frizzy friends, it’s this!

Book one today and see for yourself!

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