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Green Tea... The ultimate beauty elixir! More than something to sip!

Green tea has long been revered as a delicious and healthy drink. Anyone who drinks tea on a regular basis will be happy to tell you the benefits of drinking tea. And if you’re not a tea person, you’re tired of hearing it, and just don’t get how people can stand the hot veggie water. To my tea lovers: you’re right, green tea is amazing for you. To my tea haters, I’ll let you in on a secret. You don’t have to actually drink the tea in order to get those benefits you’re always hearing about.

That’s right! Green tea is not only a great beverage, but a wonderful all-natural skin care product. Green tea is an anti-inflammatory (meaning it reduces puffiness and redness), an astringent (meaning it minimizes and unclogs pores), and circulatory stimulant (meaning it wakes up dull/old skin). All of those benefits are in everyday green tea! Right now, lots of research is being done on how we can properly use this inexpensive, all-natural ingredient effectively in the beauty industry. And what they’ve found is that green tea is best for two things: slowing aging and fighting acne. How? Well, like we said, green tea is great at cleaning out your pores and calming down irritated acne-prone skin. In fact, drinking green tea regularly has been known to help acne (but if you’re a tea hater, we’ll just stick to using it on your skin). And the anti-aging? Well, one of the biggest culprits of aging is sun damage and free radicals. Green tea helps to the fight free radicals that make your skin sag, and calms down irritated, sunburned skin before it turns into wrinkles or sun spots. Regular use of green tea either topically, or ingested, can radically (ba-dum-tss) reduce the amount of free-radicals in your skin and therefore how quickly you age.

So if you’re a tea lover, keep doing what you’re doing. Maybe even try adding your beloved green tea to your skin care routine! And if you’re not… just try it on your skin. We promise you won’t have to taste it.

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