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What is the Difference Between Sugaring & Waxing?

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sure most of you have gone to the salon for a waxing at least once in your life, or maybe you’re just familiar with what waxing is and what it’s used for. Let me ask you one question though; are any of you up to date with the latest trend in hair removal? Are any of you looking for an alternative to the sticky, pull and tear on your sensitive problem areas?

Sugaring is an all-natural, exfoliating while lubricating method to smoother and softer skin. How is this possible you ask? The wonderful thing about sugaring products is that they do not adhere to your live skin cells but to the actual hair itself. This is why sugaring takes the cake and is favored by so many, because it is a painless and burn-free hair removal process. Yes, it’s true! Unlike waxing, which removes hair against the natural direction of its growth and must be heated before being applied, sugaring seeps into the root of your hair follicles and extracts the hair in it’s natural direction of growth. Here’s the kicker, it only has to be applied at room temperature! Sugaring provides so many other benefits that you wouldn’t even begin to think of when you hear the term “hair removal”. This process is friendly for all skin types, yes, you heard me correctly. This magical “hair eraser” eliminates ingrown hairs, prevents ingrown hairs and treats various skin problems such as keratosis, eczema, psoriasis, etc.

Recently, one of our massage therapists was kind enough to show me just how easy and simple it is to receive a sugar waxing! One of my problem areas just happens to be my arms and it is a very sensitive area to wax, but all of that changed the moment I experienced my first sugaring. I watched her dip her fingers into the wax and roll it into a ball; as you can imagine I was shocked at first but then I remembered that sugaring is not a hot substance at all! She gently pressed the ball of wax onto the surface of my skin and when she pulled away, there was smooth and hair-free surface! I couldn’t believe it, it happened before I could even think about any pain. The more she continued to press the sticky substance against my arm, the more I could see the results and why people are raving about this waxing trend!

When sugaring is removed, it gently exfoliates dead skin cells which improve your skin’s tone and texture while also leaving behind silky, soft to the touch skin. Unlike waxing, which is usually applied with strips or a wooden spatula, sugaring can be applied and removed with your hands. This is why the sugaring technique was so popular with women in Ancient Egypt over 2,000 years ago! It was safe, easy and friendly to use on any part of your body. Sugaring is safe in the sense that it eliminates cross contamination because there is no dipping method and there are no chemicals used in the sugar formula. Sugaring is usually composed of sugar, water and lemon juice, whereas waxing is mostly composed from resins that waver between natural and chemical ingredients. Not to completely write off waxing because both techniques leave your skin fuzz-free and smooth, your choice on the matter really all depends on how sensitive your skin is and what method you would prefer. In the end, sugaring does walk away with more benefits to the skin and your experience!

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