Chocolate Spa Treatments Galore!

For the month of February, we are offering our Chocolate Spa Day packages which consist of chocolate infused treatments. Although available year round as an off menu service available by special request, our chocolate services are our most requested Valentine’s Day gift. In addition to chocolate being a fun themed gift idea for Valentine’s, cocoa also has endless benefits for skin, hair, and nails. Our popular Chocolate Spa Services include our Chocolate Smoothie Hair Mask, Decadent Whipped Chocolate Spa Manicure & Pedicure, Chocolate Detoxifying Body Wrap, Cocoa Bean Body Polish with Warm Sugar Scrub, Swedish Chocolate Massage, and our Chocolate Antioxidant Facial

Let’s celebrate chocolate. Let’s celebrate it not just because it’s delicious and not because we love to eat it on Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate it because we love it and it’s actually good for you. For years, chocolate was disparaged as being unhealthy. Highly processed chocolate is not good for you, but pure chocolate has amazing benefits. Chocolate that is pure is healthy when it is consumed, whether you eat or drink it.

Treat your skin while enjoying the benefits of chocolate without the extra calories! Pure chocolate, yes pure, raw cocoa, has as many perks when you apply it to your skin, hair and nails as when you ingest it! So slather it on and enjoy the chocolate goodness & aroma of cocoa!

This month, we have brought back services, normally on our “secret menu” to our daily offerings and feature them during this especially confectionary occasion. Saint Valentine’s Day is considered a feast day in the Western Christian calendar. This minor feast day has been adopted into universal culture and is popular around the world, not limited to Christianity. It is a feast of chocolates for everybody!

Yes, chocolate is associated with romance. Why should chocolate be reserved for loving couples and singles on this special day of the year? It shouldn’t! Some people that are single enjoy valentine’s day and celebrate their freedom as a single person. They should celebrate. But let’s celebrate chocolate inclusively. Let’s all celebrate as lovers of chocolate!

Do you love chocolate enough to not just eat it, but to use it as a beauty aid? You absolutely should! Continue reading to see our featured services and how cocoa is specifically beneficial to your whole body, from your follicles, to your fingers, toes, and nose.

Chocolate Smoothie Hair Mask

We treat your hair to a luxurious pampering with this service. We have a special creamy conditioning mask, that we add a few secret ingredients to. The chocolate is no secret. Mixing pure, dark cacao in our cauldron we make this into a special love potion for your hair. Your hair will love the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants found in pure chocolate. It will detoxify and nourish your hair and make it smooth and shiny (get it, hair smoothie?). You will love how your hair looks. You will go gaga over how your hair smells. A pleasant scent will linger in your tresses. It will smell delicate, reminiscent of bon bons and delectable treats. WARNING: You may want to eat your hair, but please don't. Use caution around loved ones, because they may want to eat your hair as well. We’ll send you home with some chocolates to bargain for the safety of your hair.

Decadent Whipped Chocolate Spa Mani & Pedi

Indulge your digits with our unique mani/pedi using a special freshly whipped chocolate mousse beauty treatment. Your fingers and toes love chocolate too. Cocoa stimulates collagen formation in your skin and nails. This will help keep your skin youthful and glowing. Your nails will be stronger, healthier and more shiny. A healthy nail makes nail polish apply more easily to the nail. At Dante Salon and Wellness Spa, we strive to use nail polish removers, polishes, shellacs and other products that do less damage to your nails and skin on your hands and feet. This chocolate treatment will restore, replenish and rehydrate your skin and nails. It can also repair some damage from harsh products, solvents, winter weather and other environmental factors. We guarantee you will want to keep smelling your hands and feet after the mani/pedi. We will provide you with chocolates to eat because we know the way you smell will make you hungry.

Cocoa Antioxidant Facial

Your face enjoys chocolate as much as the rest of you. Give your face what it craves, chocolate! Cocoa is full of antioxidants which will help your complexion and smooth fine lines and improve the appearance of wrinkles. Our cocoa facial helps remove free radicals and will help promote circulation and promote oxygenation, different than oxidation. Cocoa will balance your skin tone and remove impurities. It will extract the thick, pore clogging oils from your skin, while nourishing and rehydrating your face with lightweight moisturizers. The process of the cocoa facial will also exfoliate the dry and dull outer surface of your skin, revealing younger, healthier skin. Your face will feel bright and new. We will provide you with a cocoa and raw sugar scrub for your lips, it is not meant to be eaten. With your face and lips feeling supple, soft and smooth, you won’t be able to wait to eat a piece of velvety and rich dark chocolate. We invite you to eat a piece of chocolate ass soon as your facial is finished, but if you can’t wait, we might feed you a small piece during your facial.

Chocolate Detoxifying Body Wrap

Relax and unwind with our body wrap. We brush your skin with a body mask, made with rich dark cacao. The smell of the body wrap will envelope you and carry away your stress and worry while it banishes toxins from your skin and body. The smell of chocolate is heavenly and you’ll feel like your floating on clouds of the finest chocolate. The detoxification from the chocolate in this body wrap will erase fine wrinkles and other signs of aging in your skin. Your skin will be soft and rejuvenated. After the wrap is removed, we will gently cleanse your skin and rinse away the impurities the chocolate removed from your skin and body. You might be tempted to try a taste of your arm, but don’t worry, as with our other chocolate services, we will give you chocolate to eat so you don’t have to lick yourself.

Cocoa Bean Body Polish

Using fine cacao powder in our clean