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The Zero Gravity Steam Pedicure, The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Our Zero Gravity Steam Pedicures Are Now Offered

in The New Private V.I.P Zero Gravity Pedicure Room

in the Spa at Dante!

Unlike any spa pedicure experience you have ever had before, this makes the perfect mother's day gift! It's the ultimate spa pedicure experience, and just in time for Mother's Day, our Zero Gravity Pedicures are now being offered in their own exclusive spa room for two! This service can be booked alone or with a friend for a blissful spa escape. This pedicure uses our Dragon Sauna Steam Barrels to steam the legs & feet. Once ready for the pedicure your service provider will recline you all the way back so that you can get your pedi laying down! With ZERO Gravity weighing on you in our Zero Gravity Chairs, designed by NASA, you will immediately be transported to your zen spot! To book your Zero Gravity Steam Pedicure experience, call 703-352-2800 or visit our 24/7 online booking page!

Pricing: Zero Gravity Waterless Steam Pedicure... $199 Ultimate Zero Gravity Waterless Steam Pedicure... $225

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