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Importance of Toners

Many clients ask what a toner is, is it more color? does it lighten the hair? what does it do?

Toner is a type of neutralizer for pigment in your hair. When you lighten hair your hair will pull certain pigments and the toners job is to counter act any color we don't want. For example if we have a woman come in with dark brown hair and she wants highlights her hair is going to pull orange, in order to counter the orange and get blonde we will use the opposite color on the color wheel to give her a more neutral blonde.

What is the color wheel? you may be wondering...

the color wheel has all colors you could have in your hair. The wheel is made from just three primacy colors: Red, Yellow, and blue. From mixing those colors together we get three new secondary colors, orange, green, and violet. Then there are tertiary colors which are mixed with more of one of the mixed primary colors. For example if you mix more blue then red you would get blue violet and if you mixed more red with blue you would get red violet.

what does this have to do with toners?

mixing the right opposite color with neutralize the hair and get it to the color you want your hair to be. So in order to get the blonde you want or to cancel out a color you have in your hair you use toner.

What Toners do we use? Goldwell!

Benefits of Goldwell color and toners:

-Its ph balanced for your hair

-Its a triple lipid formula putting more lipids in the hair that were lost

-True to color results

-Shiny hair that strong and soft

Come in today for color touch ups and toning after you go blonde!


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