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Olaplex Repair in time for Spring

Olaplex is a healing treatment for damaged hair that rebuilds broken bonds from within the hair. It rebuilds the current protein in the hair, increases the strength and elasticity of the hair and, protects the follicle from further damage. Olaplex treatments are a great way to strengthen prior to, in conjunction with, and after any chemical service. We highly recommend adding this treatment to any coloring or highlighting services. You can even receive an Olaplex treatment without coloring services to enhance the overall health of your hair. Olaplex consists of a 6 step process to protect and strengthen your hair.

Step #1) No.0 intensive bond repair treatment: primes the hair for the bond building treatment, Apply on dry hair let sit for ten mins

Step #2) No.3 Hair perfecter: repairs, protects and strengthens the hair, let sit in hair for 10 mins

Step #3) No.4 Bond maintenance shampoo: nourishes, protects and strengthens, apply and massage then rinse out

Step#4) No.5 Bond maintenance conditioner: hydrates repairs and strengthens, apply generous amount from scalp to tips and let sit for 3 mins

Step #5) No.6 Bond smoother: leave in treatment, adds moisture to reduce frizz and strengthens, apply little bit to hair and let dry

Step #6) No.7 Bonding oil, adds shine, protects from heat damages and adds strength, apply on damp or dry hair and styled as desired

When booking or at your next appointment ask your stylist prior to your application to add the Olaplex treatment to your next visit or come in to purchase any or all of the Olaplex treatments! Call 703-352-2800 or visit our 24/7 online booking to schedule your next Olaplex treatment!


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