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Relax, Regain, Restore

We know how stressful these times are, and we would love to offer our guests the ultimate escape! It's time to book the perfect massage! Taking time for ourselves is crucial for overall wellness, so come see us for the perfect getaway at the Spa at Dante! We strive to create a haven for your ultimate relaxation needs & have many options to suit all of our clients' individual relaxation needs.

Why you should get a massage?

- they treat a wide variety of symptoms

- they help you psychically and mentally

- help you relax and calm as well as release endorphins

We offer a wide variety or massages:

Swedish, deep tissue, sport, assisted, Thai, and prenatal

all massages can be either 30, 60, or 90 minutes

Add on's include:

Aromatherapy - We use aromatic essential oils to improve mind, body, and spirit!

Chinese Cupping - Involves placing cups on the skin to create suction, and lift the muscles

Infrared Massage - Infrared light penetrates the skin and improves circulation

Reflexology - Application of pressure to trigger points on the feet

Shiatsu Scalp Massage - Rhythmic pressure to improve chi, or the body's vital energy

Trigger Point Therapy - A targeted release technique used in isolated areas where stubborn adhesions are relieved

lets get rid of your winter stress and book a massage today!


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