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SNS for Spring

SNS stands for Signature Nail systems but is otherwise know as "Dip powder" the way it works is they take a bonding agent like they do for any artificial nil and then dip the nails in a mineral power it creates a healthy hard nail. This is a great alternative to acrylic's that have harsh chemicals and produce a chunking nail. SNS can be done on the natural nail and or with tips just like acrylic. SNS lasts for up to 3 weeks. You can do clear or colored. You can also do a gel overlay if your looking for a color we don't have in SNS.

Benefits to SNS:
~They produce a long lasting nail with low maintenance
~they have an ultra glossy finish
~ no chip
~ nail power had calcium to help nail growth as well as other minerals
~ Perfect middle between Gel and Acrylic
~ chemical free and non toxic


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