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What Is A Balayage?

Balayage (means sweeping in French) is a hair highlighting technique that is highly customized and hand painted throughout the hair to create a natural, graduated sun kissed look. Price varies based hair texture, hair thickness, hair length, the current state of your hair, and how "blended" the look that you are going for is.

PROS to a Balayage:

-Individually unique: its different for every person and customizable to your needs and wants

-low maintenance: roots tend to blend better over time and no need to go in for root touch ups

-universal: can use on all different textures, colors and lengths

-Less damaging

This look is highly individualized and there are various types of balayage, and various techniques to achieving your desired balayage, it is best to bring pictures of balayage hair styles that you have in mind to show your hair stylist during your consultation.

Different types:

Californian: lived in roots

stardust: top is untouched and bottom is highlighted

palm painting: done without a brush

splash lights: painted on the middle of the strands

fallayage: warms up the base color

ponytail lights: highlighted underneath so when hair is pulled up into a pony tail you can see the highlights

Balayage vs highlights

highlights are stripes through the hair that tend to be more blocky, from roots to ends and blending down, low lights are placed that are darker to make highlights pop and balance the looks versus a balayage lighter pieces are strategically placed not going all the way up to the root, some places going up to the roots, as well as brightness at the ends of the hair, giving a more lived in ombre!

Maintenance: any process of lightening or coloring hair can dry it out, so moisture is your best friend. You will need a good deep conditioning for once a week or every two weeks. We have an array of different haircare products that are specially made for home care.

WE use Goldwell products to do the hair a strongly suggest taking some home to help. We also have products from the Moroccan oil line as well as Olaplex made for restoring moisture back into the hair. Its also important to have heat protectant products when styling your new hair just like Kenra blow out spray, to keep your hair from damaging anymore from you blow dryer, curler, or straightener.

Coming back for toners and maintenance at the salon is important as well. We need to make sure we are nourishing your hair properly and keeping up with the color you want. Following your stylist recommendations is super important in order to preserve the investment you made with your hair.

what is a toner and how does it help?

toners are meant for getting your hair to the right color, many blondes know that you have to use purple shampoo but don't know why? Color is important in all things we do but in hair we have a color wheel to neutralize hair to the correct color. When your hair is too yellow we take the opposite color on the color wheel which is purple to neutralize and get the lovely cooler blonde. Another example is using blue when your hair is too orange. We need to use a toner in the hair when we are seeing too much of a color we don't want to see, so in order to keep the color you want we say you need to come back and get a toner to freshen up.

Timing for a balayage:

Coming in for a service and knowing when you leave is all up to your hair and how is processes what were doing to it. Balayages can take anywhere from 2 hours to an all day event. Coming to your appointment you might want to bring a snack and a good book cause it may take a awhile to get your hair to where it needs to be. This is all based on the length, density, texture and color of your hair, so having a consultation before the appointment is important.

Balayage pricing starts at $190 (price based upon consultation)

*Please be advised that this is a starting price and the price varies based on multiple factors that will be addressed during your consultation with your hair stylist to determine the final pricing for your balayage highlights. If you would like to send us pictures ahead of time of your hair & the balayage look you would like to achieve, we may be able to give you an estimate over the phone. E-mail inquiries are recommended for this type of request & may be sent to

For more information, call 703-352-2800 & ask to speak with one of our balayage experts!


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