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Zero Gravity Pedicures here for spring!

Are you interested in the best pedicure???

If you are seeking the most hygienic form of pedicure available, then this pedicure a MUST!!! Not to mention it's SUPER relaxing, you might even fall asleep while getting your toes done... And that's OK! If you're coming to a spa for a pedicure, we WANT you to relax to your heart's desire!!! It's what we do best here at Dante Salon & Wellness Spa... Located in the heart of downtown Fairfax on Main Street, who knew ZEN was that close!?

About the Waterless Zero Gravity Steam Pedicure:

In our new waterless pedicure, you don't have to wonder whether it's hygienic or not, like you do with "traditional" pedicure chairs. You can rest assured (literally) knowing that we use a special pedicure sauna barrel to steam your feet and legs! The steam is not only relaxing, but it's the most hygienic form of pedicure, as the steam eliminates bacteria while hydrating your skin! And it gets even better... Our new Zero Gravity pedicure chairs allow you to recline 100% all the way down & feature a 48-point shiatsu massage function.

The Zero Gravity pedicure will give you an unparalleled feeling of relaxation as a result of feeling weightless in this amazingly ergonomic chair... Reclining to the point of Zero Gravity takes strain off the joints and allows your heart to pump more efficiently, which promotes increased circulation. Trust us, you will LOVE this service while getting all the added benefits of Zero Gravity during your treatment! THIS will put you on Cloud 9 while your feet get pampered, and we didn't even get into the details of the pedicure itself! Each pedicure is complete with aromatherapy while your legs steam, all the standard nail accruements, followed by an exfoliating foot & leg scrub, hot towel compresses, and our nail artists give amazing foot and leg massages!!!

Come experience if for yourself- treat yourself, you deserve it!

Call 703-352-2800 or visit our 24/7 online booking to book your Waterless Zero Gravity Pedicure today!


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